Extra, Extra

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Extra, Extra
  • As Tony Blair points out the "madness" of anti American feeling in Europe, Ken Livingstone calls the U.S. ambassador to London a "chiseling little crook"
  • And no need for anti American feelings over the "extraordinary rendition" of two UK residents to Guantanamo Bay as that was all arranged by our own MI5.
  • Less than one in ten of us earn enough to buy an average-priced property in London according to the London Housing Federation. Couples now need joint earnings of £82,000 per annum...
  • Quote of the week: "They keep a very low profile. If it weren't for the sound of the front door being kicked down by the police from time to time, they would be pretty good neighbours."Best not to try and keep up with the Baybasins then.
  • Photograph courtesy of route79 via the Londonist Flickr group.

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