Extra, Extra

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Extra, Extra
  • Two 16-year-old boys were killed over the weekend by the Stansted Express at a foot crossing around half a mile from Angel Station.
  • How many people were at the anti-war rally over the weekend? Police say 10-15,000, organisers say 80-100,000. Whatever, the message was pretty clear.
  • Julian Lloyd Weabber and his wife were arrested recently on suspicion of "beating each other up" at their Notting Hill home. Police arrested them at around 3:30am for ABH but no charges were pressed.
  • 'Artist' Mark McGowan is going to leave six taps running this time, at secret locations around London. When does he do the performance where he moves to the Isle of Man and leaves us all the fuck alone?
  • Stephen Gately married his partner in a civil ceremony near Buckingham Palace on Sunday. Elton John wasn't there, but we don't think he has to be present at every gay wedding.

Image of this weekend's anti-war rally courtesy of janet7r.

Last Updated 20 March 2006