Congratulations And Celebrations

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Congratulations And Celebrations
Rob and Nina

While the Editro's away, the staff will play... Rob, our beloved leader, is away for a bit so we're going to take this opportunity to abuse our position by putting up a totally personal post.

You see, the reason Rob's allowed to have some time off from Londonist is because he's getting married tomorrow. So all of us on the Londonist team would like to offer a hearty 'congratulations' to Editro and the future Mrs Editro (née Nina). We'd like to thank Rob for going above and beyond the call of duty in keeping the good ship Londonist going, despite his manifold wedding commitments, and we'd like to thank Nina for letting him get away with it. Our only wish is that you have a wonderful, Londonist-free holiday (but not so wonderful that you don't want to come back to edit us).

Further congratulations are due to M@ and Heather who got married last week. We hope you're having a wonderful honeymoon.

Last Updated 24 March 2006