Competition: Lucky Soul Signed Single + Poster Up For Grabs

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Competition: Lucky Soul Signed Single + Poster Up For Grabs

Lucky Soul release their debut single today, the double-A-sided My Brittle Heart/Give Me Love, for your download delectation. We know iTunes has already got the single up for sale (in an embargo-busting exercise, we suspect) but other download services are also carrying the single. Check out the band's official site for the full list. As far as the vinyl version goes (due out next week, 27th March), the online shop we ordered our copy from (Rhythm Online) doesn't have the single listed any more and HMV doesn't currently have the single listed either, so it looks like your only hope of getting hold of the physical version might be through entering our competition (see below)

My Brittle Heart is a glorious pop confection and, quite simply, the most joyous record so far this year. It's the single responsible for kicking us out of our winter doldrums and reminding us just how uplifiting music can be. Whilst Lucky Soul are no less indebted to musical history than any other band making waves right now, unlike the punk-, krautrock- or 80s-influenced bands currently touting their wares, the influence isn't tainted by commercial calculation, hackneyed punk 'attichood' or the cloak of irony and arched eyebrows. My Brittle Heart and Give Me Love are aural candy, expertly-constructed pick'n'mix bags of ideas inspired by Phil Spector, Motown and the swinging 60s. Straight into the top ten of our favourite records ever and in at number one in our list of favourite debut singles, if this record doesn't make you smile, you're a miserable git and there's no hope for you, ever, and you should go away and live in a hole.

Competition Time

We love this single so much, we nagged the band until they agreed to let us have a signed copy of the strictly limited-edition (500 only) 7" vinyl to give away. Our nagging was so successful, they've also given us a signed poster from the first gig they ever played. These items will be worth handsome sums on eBay at some stage, we're certain, so we'll make the competition a little bit trickier than usual in the hope that the winner of the booty is a fan who is going to treasure the prizes properly, rather than flog them for profit. A naive hope, perhaps, but we can dream, eh?

To win the signed single and poster, we need you to give us the answers to the following questions (which will require you to go onto the Lucky Soul site and make use of the various opportunities to listen to their music):

1. Where was the video for My Brittle Heart shot?

2. Complete the following lyric from My Brittle Heart: "Don't set me free, baby, because _______ is wasted on me."

3. From which Lucky Soul song does the following come from: "Shake, shimmy, shimmy, shake, shimmy, shimmy, shake, shimmy, shimmy, shake, shimmy, shake, shimmy, shimmy"?

Send your answers into with the subject "I likey Lucky Soul" by 11.59pm on 2nd April 2006. One winner, who will get both the single and poster, will be drawn at random from all the correct entries we receive.

Last Updated 20 March 2006