Bully Watch London

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Bully Watch London

Nothing strikes fear into the hearts of a bully like the spectacle of a bunch of balloons floating lazily across a filthy river.

At least that's the message being sent out later today (we think) when Chantelle 'almost a celebrity' Houghton and Nicky 'almost a mayor' Gavron are joined by a bunch of kids to let loose a volley of hope across the bows of the dread ship Bully:

Ms Houghton, deputy mayor Nicky Gavron and children from Manor Park Primary school in east London, will release 130 balloons over the River Thames.

That's a staggering one balloon for every 1000 kids bullied in the capital. Either the balloon budget has been stretched too thin this year or the idea of releasing 130,000 balloons was scrapped because it may actually cause people to recognise the enormity of the problem. Or bring down a plane.

This is all part of Bully Watch London. The website is filled with spooky graphics showing the population as walking CCTV cameras. We really should stop giving the Blairs any new ideas. The site is divided into sections for adults and young people where the kids are given good advice and told that:

Adults have a duty to assist you - they are the adults and you are the child/young person.

Let's hope they don't click into the growed up section where bystanders are advised to...erm...stand by:

Always stay safe do not intervene in physical bullying or incidents on the street.

That's the problem with kids - you never know which of them has a black belt in happy slapping or a machete tucked away in their Harry Potter folder.

Last Updated 22 March 2006