Bats, Belfries and Borehamwood Builders

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Bats, Belfries and Borehamwood Builders

We love animals here at Londonist. So much so that we can't resist even the slightest kitten in peril or killer beast on the loose story. If it can't be registered for an ID card then we're going to clutch it's furry little arse to our bosoms, even if it's a bat. And especially if it's a bat in danger.

Two bats to be precise, brown, long-eared bats. A couple of bats, and indeed a bat couple, are currently housed up with licenced batworker (the job apparently does not entail wearing your undies on the outside), Peggy Briggs after having been handed in to Fernside Veterinary Centre in Borehamwood by a woman whose identity was not captured by staff. The bats were handed in after being found in the rafters by builders. Unfortunately this particularly shy and retiring species never travel more than a kilometre or so from their homes and can only be released back into the environment close to their roost, otherwise they will potentially get lost and die. Which is really no good for the bats and not that much better for bat lovers.

Mrs Briggs is appealing for the mystery woman to come forward so that the bats can be released back into the wild in an area they might recognise. Do YOU know anyone in Borehamwood, currently having some work done on their roof? Perhaps you've overheard a conversation about these bats on the train. If so, and we know it's a long shot, could you call the Fernside Veterinary Centre.

You may also want to call Crimestoppers since under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, it is illegal to harm or take bats, or damage their roosts because they are a protected species with a maximum fine of £5000. Now that's probably not the kind of information your average roofer knows, we're not sure since none were available for comment. However, we're pretty sure that for the sake of a happy ending, the lady in question won't be prosecuted and the bats will be able to return to their usual life of looking rather cute for a bat and flying around blindly, presumably all trying out for the Gary Oldman part in the next BBC Wildlife on One series.

Last Updated 28 March 2006