Another 'Foot In Mouth' Incident From Ken?

By Rob Last edited 152 months ago
Another 'Foot In Mouth' Incident From Ken?
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Harry's Place is reporting that, during a press conference this morning in which the Stratford City Consortium was being discussed, Ken Livingstone said the following regarding the Reuben brothers , the jewish developers involved in the project:

If they're not happy here perhaps they could go back to Iran and try it under the Ayatollahs.

As Harry's Place points out the brothers were actually born in Bombay to Iraqi parents of Jewish descent, and then of course there's Ken's spot of bother with the Jewish Board of Deputies and The Standards Board for England which is not over by any means.

We're going to resist commenting on this until the full transcript of the press conference comes out, but we will say that, as much as we love Ken's 'idiosyncratic' style, when anyone utters a phrase with the words "perhaps they could go back to..." in it then we instinctively wince and back away slowly from the offending individual.

A bit of advice Ken: put the shovel down and back away from the deep hole full of shit.

Last Updated 21 March 2006