A for Andromeda

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A for Andromeda

This is exciting news. The Beeb continues its renewed love affair with the best kind of science: fictional!

Following in the footsteps of BBC FOUR's popular success The Quatermass Experiment last year, comes another compelling adaptation of a science fiction classic: A for Andromeda. The drama stars Kelly Reilly (Mrs Henderson Presents, The Libertine) as Christine/Andromeda; Tom Hardy (Gideon's Daughter, The Virgin Queen, Sweeney Todd) as John Fleming; Jane Asher as Professor Madelaine Dawnay and David Haig as General Vandenberg. In this contemporary adaptation by Richard Fell (The Quatermass Experiment) of Fred Hoyle and John Elliot's 1961 sci-fi classic an alien threat to humanity in the form of a radio signal deep in the Andromeda constellation provides instructions to build a computer...

This bodes well for remakes of all the other stuff that the Beeb accidentally wiped from their archives. Better still it gives actors the chance to get their teeth into some seriously good television and we hope that these remakes become a regular part of the Beeb's programming.

We felt that while the recent Quatermass remake was a worthy attempt it painted itself into a few too many corners by being broadcast live - can't fault the heart behind it though and we'd love more of that sort of thing to compliment the current crop of non-serious sci fi. Doctor Who is a mixed bag, Torchwood we worry will have similar strengths and failings and Life on Mars was top notch as long as you didn't take it too seriously, but there's still room for more grim faced fantasy ala Sapphire & Steel and Ultraviolet.

And we've always got room for more Quatermass.

A for Andromeda has only just finished filming, but as soon as we get an air date we'll pass it on. Oh and keep an eye on Kelly Reilly - she deserves to be huge and we can't think of anyone better to step into Julie Christie's shoes.

Last Updated 06 March 2006