V for (pre)Viewing

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V for (pre)Viewing

We've had a LOT to say about the upcoming V for Vendetta movie, but finally we're going to get the chance to see the damn thing. The ICA as part of its COMICA stream has organised a preview screening of the film next month:

Set against the futuristic landscape of totalitarian Britain (1989!), Alan Moore and David Lloyd's sophisticated tale is more politically relevant than ever in today's climate of terrorist paranoia and threatened civil liberties. V artist David Lloyd makes a rare appearance to introduce the screening, in conversation with COMICA director Paul Gravett.

We saw David Lloyd at the ICA in discussion after another COMICA event back in 2004 and he wasn't too pleased then at Alan Moore's resistance to Hollywood - mostly it seemed because of monetary reasons. It'll be interesting to see what he makes of the finished article and if he feels his own artistic vision was compromised. It'll be a brave person taking the Moore guided tour of the Gothic Nightmares exhibition that dares to bring up that particular topic...

This will without doubt sell out QUICKLY hence our posting the details on a Saturday rather than waiting for Monday to roll around. See you down at the front (we always try and grab one of the Takeshi Kitano seats). For those of you that miss it we will of course review the thing in advance of its March 17 release.

Fingers crossed...

Last Updated 18 February 2006