The Sun Versus Kiss FM

By Rob Last edited 155 months ago
The Sun Versus Kiss FM

At the start of the week we reported on the London-based, anonymous podcast that was taking the US by storm.

To recap briefly: it's called Faceless, it's organised by Kiss Fm DJ Bam Bam who broadcasts snippets on his show, and the whole thing is supposedly put together by a female London sudent. Oh, and it's a bit rude.

Now, even as we were writing the post, we kind of assumed that somebody in the press would be snooping around trying to uncover the identity of the person responsible for Faceless, but not for one minute did we think the Sun would take much interest.

This week though Britian's favourite tabloid ran an article on the faceless 'phenomenon' (pictured), and despite concentrating on the lewder aspects of the podcast the article was generally positive... right up until they appealed for anyone who knew the identity of Faceless to give them a ring and spill the beans.

Unsurprisingly Kiss FM have gone on the counter-offensive, with Bam Bam suggesting that his listeners call the Sun hotline and declare themselves responsible (kind of like 'I'm Spartacus' only with added bisexuality).

Bam Bam is quoted as saying that "The Sun is better than the government, better than James Bond, you have to help keep this girl's identity a secret, " while presumably rubbing his hands together with glee at all the free publicity he's getting.

As not even the girl's friends or family are supposed to know Faceless's secret identity then we don't think the Sun will make too much progress. And even if they do uncover her, we're willing to bet that the Sun will lose interest pretty quickly unless the mystery podcaster is revealed to be a hotty who'll willingly remove items of clothing for a nominal sum...which rules out most of the Londonist staff as possible suspects

Last Updated 22 February 2006