The Future's Shiny

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The Future's Shiny

Cybermen are an odd bunch - originally from our own planet's twin Mondas (somewhere that Creationists and Darwinists have yet to get to) they are a contradictory race of war mongers. One minute they're spouting on about their superiority over the likes of us puny humans and our petty emotions and the next thing they're rubbing their metallic hands with glee at the thought of kicking a certain Timelord's arse.

Seeing as they always fail spectacularly in that particular endeavor, if Londonist had been hired as consultants we'd have probably suggested staying away from Earth (and in particular Wales) until they get their well handled heads around the idea of shooting first and making speeches second.

Unfortunately for them it seems they are coming back and as they've always had a soft spot for hiding in the shadows (or at least behind a pile of patently fake ammunition creates or other handy boxes) it's no wonder they've set up a company to act as a front for their latest scheme.

So what exactly is the Cybus Corporation? A literal reading would see a cyberman on every bendy bus, the multi purpose helmet handles offering extra support for the city's infirm. The cityscape on the company's website however, suggests they are going the big business route. Perhaps hoping not to be spotted among the already inhuman banking types although their particular weakness for gold may not be that handy in the City. Maybe they're simply backing the new Vauxhall tower and have given up trying to be evil in favour of property investment... oh hang on that's evil too.

The Zeppelin looks good though... and speaking of musical legends, what we'd really like of course is a fresh team up with Geezer Butler. Now that'd be good Saturday tea time telly.

We nicked the little Cyberfella above from the mega talented Psychbloke - drop by and tell him we sent you

Last Updated 17 February 2006