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Let's go out onto a limb here and say we don't really understand the appeal of wanting to be a wizard. There's the rubbish clothes, having a broomstick between your legs, having to go to boarding school, pointing small sticks at people in a threatening manner... why so many kids find this interesting is beyond us. Now being a SPY... that's something different altogether.

Lots of explosions, car chases, gadgets galore and barrels of sex appeal. With pirate and ninja still conjoined in the top spot of future Londonist careers, being a spy is probably in second place. Wizardry is right at the bottom with Top Gear Presenter and Jizz Mopper.

So we're thankful that the capital's tykes can forget all about Hogwarts and get some real hero worship in with the upcoming release of Stormbreaker. This is the first film to be based on the Alex Ryder adventure novels - think young James Bond, but without the decades of trivia getting in the way. Alex Pettyfer takes the lead this time out in what's hoped to be a six film franchise. The casting couldn't be better with Ewan McGregor, Mickey Rourke (!), Bill Nighy, Alicia Silverstone, Damian Lewis, Robbie Coltrane and Andy Serkis.

Along with the best love interest (Sabina Pleasure) Stormbreaker also has the best tagline for a kid's film ever: YOU'RE NEVER TOO YOUNG TO DIE

It isn't out for ages (July), and there's not a lot to see on the official website yet (a few black cabs in the tiny teaser and a pretty interesting gallery) so we were happy to learn that the Russians don't give a damn about flouting copyright and have made the as yet unreleased trailer available for download - that link may get removed anytime soon so make with the clicky.

We had a quick run through, grabbed the best London based scenes and have hidden them away after the jump. No prizes for naming all the locations, but the MI6 youngling does seem to have a lot of fun in London...








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