Ruby Wednesday

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Ruby Wednesday

Any Londonist readers get really carried away by yesterday's romance-fest and actually pop the question?

Did you buy the ring beforehand? If not, and you're maybe planning a trip down New Bond Street to look for something sparkly this weekend maybe you should pop into Graff. We hear they've got something pretty special in stock.

In fact Lawrence Graff managed to break the record for the most money spent per-carrot on a ruby yesterday when he shelled out $3.6 million for an 8.62-carat stone at a Christie's (to save you breaking out the calculators we'll tell you that's that's $425,000 a carat).

The 'cushion-cut' Burmese ruby was part of a Christie's sale in St Moritz (where else) yesterday, bu the stone will be travelling back to New Bond Street where it will acquire the imaginative name of the 'Graff Ruiby' and will more than likely be set into a ring for a Graff client (we're pretty sure they don't make ruby slippers out of real rubies annyway).

And, in case you were wondering, Mr Graff isn't going to get into trouble when his wife sees the receipt. He's currently worth 750 million pounds.

Last Updated 16 February 2006