Probably not a fixer upper...

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Probably not a fixer upper...

Being the kind of Londoners who find it difficult to hold onto our money and yet not wanting to live anywhere else we quite understand why someone with a spare twenty million quid or so would want to move here:

For billionaire first-home buyers or those recently come into money down Tonbridge way, London's newest development, high-end luxury flats with a price tag of up to £20m, could be just the thing. Planning permission for the development, a block of 86 apartments overlooking Hyde Park at the site of Bowater House in Knightsbridge, was granted by Westminster city council this week.

But just what kind of luxury are we talking about?

Well to start off how about "marble slab floors and surfaces and state of the art security? Cool... and... erm... well, that's actually all the article reveals. For our £20m we'd want at least a 42" plasma screen in every bathroom and Paris Hilton dead on the bed, covered in gold Airfix paint. Oh and we'd also like the building to have the ability to transform into a GIANT ROBOT to get around that pesky congestion charge while simultaneously having the ability to kick every 4x4 we see into a geosynchronous orbit.

Last Updated 25 February 2006