By Rob Last edited 156 months ago

We're pretty sure someone emailed us about Pintsearch a while ago.

Maybe it was last year, possibly when we did our Google Maps Hacks post. Whenever it was we remember taking a look and deciding that it wasn't worth a post because the site was very much in its infancy and there just weren't enough pubs listed to make it worthwhile.

Since then the site has grown significantly so its very easy to jump to your area and be able to see quite quickly where the decent drinking holes are thanks to the 'hot to not' colour-coding system.

According to the notes on the site, Pintsearch's creator Paul Nixon is currently working on a 'write review' function (right now you can only score the pubs out of 10) and once he's done that we can see this becoming a very handy site indeed.

P.S. The Camel Pub (as mentioned in the Burger Hunting post gets an inauspicious 3.4 out of 10).

Last Updated 27 February 2006