Not Another Superhero Movie

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Not Another Superhero Movie

The British film industry has been a load of old pants for as far back as we can remember. "The British are coming!" Colin Welland once declared after being given a small statuette for a film about men running faster than other men and boy did we go. Any actor with enough money for airfare relocated to LA. America meanwhile responded by creating Bruce Willis and since then it's been all down hill until a tricky cross breeding experiment landed us Guy Ritchie. Now it's just safer to make 'feel good' movies about subjects that on the surface should really be 'feel-so-bad-you-want-to-die movies'. Blame it all on The Full Monty if you like.

The latest great idea ('great idea's being the British version of the 'high concept movie') brings back an old favourite Londonist villain that we were sure we'd seen the back of. Brace yourselves for Fathers 4 Justice: The Movie.

Yeah, we only wish we were joking:

" A fortnight after they decided to hang up their Batman outfits and call it a day, the "heroes" of direct-action group Fathers 4 Justice are to be immortalised in F4J: the movie. The group's founder, Matt O'Connor, has sold rights to his organisation's story to Harbour Pictures, the British firm that made Calendar Girls."

Oh the humanity. And with Danny DeVito tipped to play Batman impersonator Jason Hatch, F4J (or FUDGE as we prefer to call it) is sure to be huge. Hatch being as down to earth as Bruce Wayne reckons all this was inevitable:

"I suppose it was always going to come, and there was always going to be someone playing me, because I was the face of Fathers 4 Justice,"

Well we guess it's a safer bet than a Watchmen movie. Make plans to leave London now though - you don't want to be around in 2010 when they turn the film into a stage musical with toe tapping tunes like Let's kidnap Leo (What Could Possibly Go Wrong?)

Last Updated 02 February 2006