Londonist Loves... Zooming with Google

By sizemore Last edited 157 months ago
Londonist Loves... Zooming with Google

We've been giving London another swoop from above this morning as it seems that Google has recently improved the satellite imagery currently used to help us find our way around the capital. Even if you're reading this overseas or are stuck in a less interesting bit of the UK you'll probably find the ZOOM IN button kind of neat.

Check out for example Buckingham Palace. Not much to see from a few miles up but hit that handy + key and (at the time of writing at least) you'll get a snapshot of what looks like a troop of horsemen holding up the traffic past Liz's front door:


The London Eye grab that we used for the pic above is even clearer once zoomed in as we had to shrink it somewhat to stop it spinning off the page. Other things you may want to take a closer look at include the Gherkin which is suddenly less cocky and a bit more titty:


While The Palace of Westminster is as stunning from above as it is from within.

Messing around like this on the office PC is much cheaper than a travel card (unless you get caught and fired) and also gives a neat little window into the recent past as we reckon most of the photos used are still quite a bit out of date. But how long can it be before we get to read the latest scaremongering Standard headline over someone's shoulder without leaving the chair?

Last Updated 08 February 2006