Get Who Reading What Now?

By sizemore Last edited 157 months ago
Get Who Reading What Now?

Oh London... us? Books... ok... cool. Let's get to it then. Do you have a website?

You do. Excellent.

So where should we start?

The free Rough Guide to London by the Book "a special edition Rough Guide published for Get London Reading 2006" you say?

Cheers for that. Now we don't like to complain about the free stuff, but does it have to be a PDF file? Well for one thing the handy links at the back won't work and we'll have to copy them out. Fine. But can we at least mention the Foxit PDF Reader because we HATE that Adobe crap? No? Ok.

So you really think Londoners need to be encouraged to pick up a book? Oh, there are other books apart from Harry Da Vinci & The Potter Code? That's good to know. No we're sorry, but we draw the line at plugging this week's copy of Time Out. We don't care that it's THE BOOKS ISSUE and actually worth reading once you've skipped over Michael Hodges' idiot column.

Ok we promise to read the whole site and then do our bit by interviewing more authors in 2006. Promise.

Last Updated 09 February 2006