Friday Premiership Preview

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Last Updated 24 February 2006

Friday Premiership Preview

Last week , our American visitor Barry Petchesky crashed and burned with a half-hearted 2 out of 5 correct predictions. It was painful stuff, especially after 'guaranteeing' a score of at least 4 and we hope that Barry has been able to spend the last week slowly mending his crushed ego, piece by piece, step by step.

We also made an attempt in our last edition, to reach out to YOU, the reader and achieve some form of meaningful form of communication in the vain hope that we're not just tossing this...well...this toss, into the internet ether for our sole benefit. At the end of this post we're going to include a single question, which we'd like you to answer in by using the comments section. Please think about carrying out this simple request, it would honestly mean so much to us.

Now then, back to business.....

Your name & occupation?

John Hirst. Music Buyer for large corporate chain of record shops.

Where do you live?

Stepney Green

Which team do you support?

Peterborough United. They were my local team and the branch of Our Price in Queensgate Shopping Centre between the ground and the train station was particularly well stocked.

Your favourite player?

Of all time? That would have to be Ken Charlerey. Not only did he score the goals that brought us the first promotion of my support, but we also managed to sell him and buy him back twice at a profit of around £350,000. Currently it would have to be Robbie Fowler for the sheer willpower which resulted in his return to Liverpool.

Which football pundit would you bet looks good on the dancefloor, dancing to electro-pop like a robot from 1984?

Does John Barnes still do the games on Channel Five? I saw him on a programme in the middle of the night on ITV enthusing about Cameo and Herbie Hancock, so I bet he can throw some shapes. Obviously, it's only a matter of time before Hansen trips and smashes his head on the corner of his desk to reveal a load of circuits and wires, exposing himself as an actual robot. I'm telling you, that scar's from when it happened last time.

Joe Cole is the personifcation of 21st century angst and urban alienation. Discuss.

Joe Cole is the personification of nothing but stupidity. I mean, if you must have sex with a page three girl in her bathroom when her boyfriend is in the house, lock the door sunshine.

Your favourite place in London?

The view up Ludgate Circus at night in the rain. I like pretending St Paul's is a big spaceship.

Imagine that you have been exposed to a huge blast of radiation in a horrible industrial accident, which has caused you to grow to gigantic proportions (bigger than King Kong, but not quite as big as Godzilla). Which part of London would you choose to go on the rampage in first?

Camden, crushing drug dealers, Spanish tourists and indie kids underfoot.

Thank you, and now onto your predictions......

Blackburn v Arsenal

Blackbun. I think Splinter has given up on the league, Benitez-style, to concentrate on spawning his way to The Champions League.

Charlton v Aston Villa

Draw. One of the most pointless fixtures of the season.

Chelsea v Portsmouth

Chelsea. Pompey are gonna feel the backlash from midweek.

Bolton v Fulham

I always get Bolton and Fulham mixed up for some reason, but I'll plump for Bolton.

Only four fixtures, so can you please predict the League Cup Final result as well?

Wigan, because it would be so funny.

Thank you very much.

If YOU would like to have a pop at the famous FPP, please email us at [email protected] and we will jim'll fix it for you. You stay classy, London

Question: What are you going to be doing this weekend?