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Hmmm did we miss the heavenly firework display that covered the Earth's atmosphere a few weeks ago? Should we be worried even now that the shuffling noise coming from the corridor is not just Will dragging his sack of fan mail into the office, but actually a carnivorous plant intent on giving us a good tongue lashing? A Day of The Triffids style light show is the only way we can rationalise that David Cameron somehow made his way into a list of the planet's 100 sexiest men. What else but sudden blindness can explain 10,000 New Woman readers slipping him in like that?

Let's have a think about this. The top five were Brad Pitt, Jake Gyllenhaal, Orlando Bloom, Johnny Depp and Clive Owen. Cameron came in at 92 ahead of someone called James Blunt and Jon Culshaw look-alike Russell Crowe. Could it be that the voters simply voted for men who popped up a lot on their television sets? No, we can't accept that readers of something called New Woman would be that shallow when voting in something as important as a 'sexy' poll. It wasn't that long ago that Old Women couldn't vote for anything.

Deputy editor Cath Rapley has her own theory about Cameron's placing:

"Power is quite intoxicating for women... He is obviously on our readers' radar because they are quite celebrity obsessed and news media savvy."

The power intoxicating factor could definitely explain why Saddam isn't in the top 100, but where then is George Bush? Something just doesn't add up. She went on to say that Mr Cameron's sex appeal could possibly prove a vote-winner. Voting for a prime minister based on his looks you say... while we applaud the spirit of women's suffrage that moves through that sentiment like Bovril odour, we still think there's something more to this.

Why has Blair not placed at all and when it was only seven short years ago that he beat off 56 other men in Cosmo? Does it mean he's seen as something of a lame duck by the New Women OR have their fearless investigative journalists uncovered something even more insidious about our PM? Perhaps the free sunglasses given away with the last issue offer a clue:


Last Updated 02 February 2006