Aussie Film Fest and a few tidbits

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Aussie Film Fest and a few tidbits

The London Australian Film Festival kicks off on Thursday 2 March and runs for ten days. The main draw will be outback 'western' written by Nick Cave. The Proposition may be not quite as touchy feely as Brokeback Mountain, but it certainly has more believable facial hair. A Nick Cave/Warren Ellis soundtrack, Guy Pearce, Ray Winstone and John Hurt make this a pretty hot ticket. Also on offer are Jewboy, Look Both Ways, Irresistible and a bunch of shorts. Full details can be found on the Barbican's official website.

More mainstream 'news' comes in the form of Sienna Miller who is apparently an actress who used to go out with Jude Law, but is now living with Darth Vader. When the Ed pitched that to us we immediately thought 'Well done, David Prowse!', but alas it turns out to be the new crappy Vader, Hayden Christensen. Which is a shame for all involved probably.

Hugh Jackman wants to bring his stage success as The Boy From Oz to London. This is all about Liza Minnelli's ex husband Peter Allen, the disco legend, and has nothing to do with Munchkins, despite Jackman's more familiar role as diminutive X man Wolverine.

Also heading our way is Paris Hilton, who has beat all expectations and upgraded her stupidity chip. After having no idea that London is actually in the UK she is now asking for a special passport - you know the one we all need to get into the city:

"Her boyfriend Stavros Niarchos has told her she needs one - and Paris believes everything he tells her."

Yes, we had heard that she's quick to swallow just about anything.

Last Updated 13 February 2006