4 x 4 = 8===D

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4 x 4 = 8===D

This makes us proud:

Londoners are twice as likely as other Britons to buy off-road 4x4 vehicles despite the capital being better known for heavy traffic than any mud, rocks or steep slopes. According to research on Friday, one in six Londoners looking to replace their car in 2006 will buy an off-road vehicle, a study by the AA motoring organisation showed.

Hmmm. And what did the AA think of this?

When you consider the volume of traffic in London it is almost counter-intuitive that drivers in the capital opt for large vehicles traditionally associated with rougher terrain

Counter-intuitive is one way of phrasing it. Another way would be to say that anyone driving a 4x4 is a twat. Or a knob. Perhaps even a twatknob.

Do any of our readers drive these things? We'd be interested to hear back from anyone that does, especially if they can defend their reasoning in buying one. Perhaps it's a medical condition. Can you get a doctor's note for being a prick?

Last Updated 10 February 2006