We're Happy

By londonist_mark Last edited 155 months ago
We're Happy

We're happier in London than ever before. Not just us Londonist writers, although we can always be seen cheerily trudging through the mounds of chewing gum on Oxford Street, but all of us. You, your neighbours, your rubber band littering Postie.

We know this because the annual London Survey results are in. Commissioned by Ken, carried out by MORI and now in it's sixth year, 1,442 face to face interviews, between 20th October and 16th December 2005, revealed that 80% of those polled expressed their satisfaction with London as a place to live.

So 80% of 1442 is about 1154. That means one thousand one hundred and fifty four Londoners like it here, and 288 maybe aren't as keen on the idea. There are something like seven and a half million bipeds roaming around the capital, all of whom we presume have their own thoughts, beliefs, and ideas. So what do the rest of us think? Do we agree that we identify strongly with the big smoke? Do we agree that London is a safer place to live; that it's more racially integrated, that local policing is doing a good job and that so is Ken? Do we share the fears of the few over pollution and global warming? Click on the comments box and let us know.

Last Updated 19 January 2006