The Nature of this diplomat was irrepressible!

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The Nature of this diplomat was irrepressible!

This is such a great story. British diplomat Col Peter Roberts, the defence attaché to Thailand, went off on one on a return flight to London after one or ten drinks too many. Big style:

"...he became affected by the alcohol. He was worried he may have said something unfortunate to the African woman nearby and he talked about North Korea and said they were untrustworthy. "He began to rock back and forwards and was crying. He went to sleep but then he went to the crew area where he was told to sit down. He then got up again and went to the rear of the plane and was upsetting passengers. We got him to sit down. He was saying 'f***' this and 'f***' that." Another passenger told the court that Roberts had been abusive to his wife. He said: "He was whispering in my wife's ear. He asked my wife out for dinner. Every other word was 'f***'.

Not quite the kind of British spunk that Gordon Brown would like to see splashed about. Like the recent Gillian Anderson incident we would have quite liked to have seen this. Pity no one had a camcorder handy:

"He was threatening to kill anyone who approached him... He said, 'F*** this country, f*** the king and f*** the Buddha.' I think he was referring to Thailand."

The last person who tried to fuck with Buddha got a bloody big mountain dropped on himself so Roberts got off lightly by being cuffed to his seat. Not that that shut him up:

"He was shouting and swearing. Do you know who I am? I am head of the British Government in Thailand and you are treating me like this."

To which we hope someone replied, no, you're a drunken wanker. Things didn't get any better when he was arrested at Heathrow. He kicked a police officer. Best of all Roberts denies being drunk and blames the whole thing on his medication. Can't wait to see what the judge makes of that...

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