Put it Away: Employees Warned

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Put it Away: Employees Warned

It’s probably a sign of the times that big companies are imposing ever stricter rules on their employees. These days, no aspect of a worker’s conduct is left to chance or common-sense.

So it is hardly surprising that some financial institutions in London are now creating company rules with the apparent intention of depriving employees of their God-given right to behave like desperate sex-starved losers.

Oh yes. Staff at a couple of banks in London have been given very stern warnings not to entertain their clients by taking them to strip-clubs. Some employees have even been fired for doing so.

So how exactly should London bankers show their clients a good time without incurring their company’s wrath? According to strip-club mogul Peter Stringfellow, a spot of lap-dancing is an integral part of an evening’s entertainment for high-powered executives:

They want to take their client somewhere they can enjoy an excellent meal in the restaurant, drink fine wine and look at the beautiful girls.

Presumably bankers will now have to conclude the evening’s entertainment after the ‘excellent meal’ and ‘fine wine’. Perhaps they can make amends by presenting their clients with a CD-ROM of corporate-branded soft porn at the end of the night. And a bottle of baby oil. Or something.

Last Updated 16 January 2006