One Bedroom Flat for £2.50

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One Bedroom Flat for £2.50

After the success of the Million Dollar Homepage we were expecting a lot of copycat get rich quick schemes to pop up online, but this one isn't so much 'get rich' as 'get me the hell out of London'.

A woman who has been struggling to sell her north London flat has decided to give it away in a competition. Victoria Topley, 33, is offering her one-bedroom flat in Finchley to the person who correctly guesses its value. It costs £2.50 to enter the contest on a specially set-up website and people can enter as many times as they want.

It may sound mad, but there's every chance that the bids will accumulate higher than the value of the flat. If not Ms Topley promises to split the money raised with the winner. Even the owner doesn't know the exact value as the figure is held by her solicitor in a sealed envelope.

Not sure what mod cons will be thrown in with the property, but seeing as Ms Topley has plans to move to Berkhamsted it's a safe bet she's not included - unlike this American. You can enter the competition here. If the website is successful there's every chance that similar competitions will follow:

"We really want some other people in a similar situation to ourselves to benefit from it now. If people do want to offer up their flats as prizes on the site, they should remember that they won’t have to pay any estate agent’s fees, we won’t charge them for the use of our site and if they don’t make the market value and cover the competition costs from entries, then they just keep the flat...they’ve got absolutely nothing to lose!"

Last Updated 18 January 2006