Mein Family and Other Animals

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Mein Family and Other Animals

There's nothing quite like a close-knit family unit so it was heart warming this morning to read of this mother and son who do everything together. Join the BNP, compare Asbos, hoist the St George, argue with the neighbours, attack them with stunguns and now face jail together:

Giving evidence, Ms Green, who lives directly below the defendants in a converted Victorian flat, told Inner London Crown Court how she was attacked the day after St George's Day last year. She said Mizzi accused her of dissembling the family's prized St George's Day display. Ms Green said: "They began to shout at me and scream at me, screaming abuse, accusing me of taking down the flagpole from outside the property. Mrs Mizzi had something in her left hand and was standing directly in front of me. I just noticed it when she lunged towards me with it. It was very quick - it was a small black box. It made a buzzing noise. I reacted quite quickly and moved back but there was a buzzing, stinging sensation in my right side." She was left with a red mark on her lower-right ribs.

Subsequently police found three stun guns and three pepper spray canisters in cupboards, but the Mizzi's claim their victim planted them there. That doesn't seem to hold much water with the judge who is reported to have said that "Prison is inevitable".

With sken-eyed BNP mini-fuehrer Nick Griffin also up in court on charges of using words or behaviour likely to stir up racial hatred perhaps that phrase should be incorporated into the masthead of their next hate-mongering missive.

Last Updated 18 January 2006