Joe Cole In Unfortunate Fracas

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Joe Cole In Unfortunate Fracas
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If you were in the Grove Park area of South East London in the early hours of this morning you migth have been lucky enough to see England international Joe Cole "fleeing in terror...bleeding, bare-chested and shoeless," down the road.

According, to the front page of today's Sun Cole was "set on by a love rival " after he chatted up "busty Page 3 girl Keeley Hazell" at at party at the model's " semi-detached home" in Grove Park.

Chelsea had been out celebrating their FA Cup win over Huddersfield Town at the Embassy Club where they met the lovely Keeley and a group of her glamour model associates. But it was when they got back to Keeley's place that it all kicked off.

The Sun's 'source' picks up the story:

“It all went off. It was late and everyone had downed a few drinks. Joe and Keeley were getting on well but another admirer copped the right hump about it.

“He went ballistic and had Joe for breakfast.”

One of the cab drivers at Near and Far taxis in Grove Park said, "“He’d got bloody marks on his face and body. He had obviously been in a fight and come off worst. He was only wearing jeans and no drivers would take him. Eventually one agreed on condition he got cash from his dad as soon as he arrived.”

This is a guy who earns £60,000 a week remember.

According to the the Sun the police weren't called to the 'brawl' even though we're told "Ornaments and fittings were damaged in the fracas."

Last Updated 11 January 2006