Cows Roasted At Mudchute Farm

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Cows Roasted At Mudchute Farm
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According to this article about a rather bizarre ménage-à-trois, life on the Mudchute farm is rather racier than we'd ever imagined. Aladdin, the new super-stud "rare Irish Moiled" bull, is at it "five times a day" - like our very own dear Prime Minister. Tony has it easy, as Aladdin has to service two cows a day, and we'll leave it at that before we say something rude about Cherie.

Tom Davis, farm manager, said that "If all goes to plan they'll both have calves in September". We can't wait. There will be lots of other new additions to look forward to as well - the farm will be teeming with "piglets, lambs and ducklings" in what promises to be a surfeit of cuteness. It'll be like a sodding Disney movie or something.

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Oh, there might be a crop of mysterious Polish artists living in the llama sheds, too, if we're extra specially lucky. (Londonist is very glad to hear that Jozef Niescior is settling in well at his new home in the Church of All Nations, and wishes him all the best for the future.) So get yourself down to our second favourite farm (this is our favourite) for some hot cow lovin', in a non-participatory capacity, of course. Unless you're weird. Er, we'd better stop now.

Last Updated 12 January 2006