Close, But No Cigar

By Rob Last edited 158 months ago
Close, But No Cigar
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We're not going to talk about the lycra, no doubt our resident TV Troll will do that for us later today... and we're also about to have our lunch.

But we do want to talk about George's renewed legal battle with the Torygraph.

According to reports today, appeal court jusdges are currently deciding whether or not to overturn a case Galloway won against the Telegraph in which the paper was ordered to pay G.G. £150,000 after they accused him of receiving money from Saddam Hussein.

If they do reverse the decision it could saddle Galloway with a legal bill of around the £2million mark, which would leave him bankrupt.

Galloway's spokesman said:

"The worst case scenario is that he would come out the house, be hit with a big legal bill and be made bankrupt. The bill would amount to around £2million and there's no way he could pay that.

"If he stays in he will not find out the appeal result. However, we are confident he's not going to lose."

George is currently favourite to be evicted on Wednesday night. And that's when the real fun starts.

Last Updated 23 January 2006