Twigg Is First Staff Party Casualty

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Twigg Is First Staff Party Casualty

On Monday night the former schools minister and Portillo-defeater Stephen Twigg was arrested in the West End for being 'drunk and incapable in a public place'.

Apparently Twigg was spotted by policemen after he tripped over coming out of a Chrtistmas party at a restuarant on Orchard Steet, and was in such a bad way that he was taken Marylebone police station and given a £50 fixed penalty notice.

And at what ungodly early hour of the morning did all this debauchery take place?

7:15 in the evening.

That's what you get for introducing 24 hour drinking laws folks.

Twigg is quoted as saying:

I had had a lot to drink and I think it [the police action] was sensible. I have no complaints whatsoever. I take full responsibility for my actions.

I think I will be a lot more careful in the future. I feel like an idiot today. I very much regret it.

And it gets better: Twigg's hangover was so bad that he had to throw a sicky from his job at the Foreign Policy Centre.

I wasn’t feeling good. That was true. I still feel a bit grim. I got back rather late and didn’t feel very good then. I went to bed and still didn’t feel too good. I thought it was probably a day to lie low.

The best thing to come out of this story is though is undoubtedly this headline in The Times: Ex-minister in wine frenzy.

We're going to start using that in place of 'have a drink'. As in "Hey fancy going down the pub for a bit of a wine frenzy," or "Anyone fancy a wine frenzy after work.".

Last Updated 15 December 2005