The Day After 2006

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The Day After 2006

Over on Channel Four right now Jon Snow is discussing yet another top ten list - this one is a little more interesting than most as it's been compiled by one of Britain's leading experts in disaster management to assess the major risks facing this country. Just to get you in the mood for 2006 we thought we'd post the list here... so many interesting ways for us all to go:

1. Gulf Stream Collapse

2. Flu Pandemic

3. London/Thames Estuary Flood Defence Failure

4. Catastrophic Sea-level rise

5. Major Thames Valley/London Winter Storm

6. Strategic Earthquake

7. Climate-perturbing volcanic eruption

8. South-coast Tsunami

9. Sellafield explosion and fallout

10. Nuclear terrorist attack on the City

Good to see the capital representing itself in so many chart positions.

You can click here to see all of the above explained or just put the TV on (careful to avoid Emmerdale).

No word yet on if any of those disasters will be made even more thrilling by the involvement of wolves or Ian Holm.

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