Table Of Four - An Introduction

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Table Of Four - An Introduction
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Londonist is going new column crazy this week. Yesterday we inroduced 'our man in Westminster' and today we can reveal a whole bevy of restaurant reviewers with our 'Table of Four' column.

Everyone knows that eating out on your own is no fun, so we thought that having just one restaurant reviewer was a little daft. Which is why Londonist has gone and recruited itself four young ladies to go out and assess and explore the London’s restaurant scene.

The foursome's first report will apppear here later this morning, so until then why don't we get ourselves acquainted with our thirty something would-be-foodies and could-be-winos, working their way towards fully blown lushdom.

Louise: Progressive veggie who loves her fish although she does prefer it served without its face still attached. A great lover of Italian food, a birthday meal at Brit-focused ‘Rhodes W1’ made that her dining experience of the year. Can’t handle coriander but a dollop of mashed potato puts a smile on her face. Louise is blessed with the incredible ability to actually speed up drinking as the night wears on.

Melanie: Hippest and hardest to please but takes foodie disappointment with a pinch of salt - well, another glass of Pinot Grigio anyways. Loves tapas and hearty Mediterranean food and once spent three evenings in a row in La Tasca, Covent Garden on a different date every night. Hates spring onions with an almost clinical intensity.

Olivia: Table of 4’s very own Nigella Lawson, this domestic goddess lives up to the legend in every sense apart from Nige’s rather inexplicable attraction to art dealers in half mast trousers. Olivia’s restaurant of the moment is The Wolseley but she is equally happy with a good risotto or sashimi. Current food obsessions are the discovery of ‘umami’ – the fifth taste, and some terrible disappointments with liver dishes.

Sophie:TO4 scribe and ‘late bloomer’, Sophie is a victim of a poor foodie background as her parents never really recovered from rationing - she was 24 before she even tried an olive. Her favourite food is French but she’s just as happy with a good curry of any Asian persuasion, classic British (give the girl a pie) or inventive Italian. Hates bad service and her favourite wine is one that never runs out.

Last Updated 08 December 2005