Most Popular Posts of 2005

By Rob Last edited 222 months ago

Last Updated 23 December 2005

Most Popular Posts of 2005

So what do you think was the most 'popular' Londonist post of 2005?

The July 7 bombings?

The whole NME controversy?

That 90% of cabbies think blogging is the same thing as dogging?

Nope. The clear winner of 'The Most Popular Londonist Post of 2005' award (if you count the number of hits each entry got on its individual page) is

(drum roll)

Happy Slapping Hits London from back in February, with a massive 49,483 hits.

Why? Well, we're not sure. But we're guessing that it has something do with spambots or behoodied young thugs doing Google searches.

As a result of this, we here at Londonist have decided it's only prudent to enbrace our new audience and as of January 2006 we'll be writing all our posts in txt sp33k and redesigning the front page to incorporate a nice Burberry check.

The other most popular posts of 2005 were:

Platform For Art: New Stuff Up At Gloucester Road (Nov 25). This got 37,922 hits mainly because it featured in the latest edition of Artkrush magazine.

SCOOP - NME Album Of The Year (Nov 30). 32,749 hits. Self-explanatory really.

Mid Week Music News (Jun 15). Why did this get 32,177 hits? We have absolutely no idea. There was a picture of a naked person in it though.

Holy Star Wars Trailers Batman! (Mar 15). Got 28,093 hits. And let's face it, if you were going to design a search engine-friendly headline to appeal to geeks the world over that would be it.

London Explosions (Jul 7). 23,836 hits.