Merry Christmas Paris!

By Rob Last edited 222 months ago

Last Updated 23 December 2005

Merry Christmas Paris!

Wow, just when you think the 'real news' is winding down in time for Christmas, along comes the accusations that London only won the 2012 Olympics thanks to a slip of the finger.

Israeli IOC bod Alex Gilady has claimed that a mistake occured when a vote was cast for Paris instead of Madrid, at the point where only three cities were left in the running.

Here's what Gilady has said:

London was ahead, but Paris and Madrid were 33-31 in the votes.

Let's say what we think now happened, that one member made a mistake and voted for Paris rather than Madrid.

If he had voted for Madrid it would be 32-32. We would have to have had a vote-off.

In the vote-off all the votes supporting London would go to Madrid, because the fear was that Paris had a big chance to win.

Madrid would then have won against Paris.

Coming to the final against London, all the votes from Paris would have gone to support Madrid.

Madrid would have won.

That is now what we think happened. This is what you call good fortune and good luck.

And that's what we in London call 'tough titties'.

On the news this morning they showed the original broadcast of the voting process where a Greek IOC judge complains about his own vote. At the time it was assumed he hadn't cast it in time, but now it looks like he made the same error we've all made when playing those quiz machines you find in the corners of pubs:

Oh shit, I pressed the wrong bloody button.

Rumours that Seb Coe excercised some kind of Jedi mind control over the Greek judge are, at this time, completely unfounded.