London Review Of Breakfasts

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London Review Of Breakfasts

We have to say thank you to Londonist reader Martha who pointed us in the direction of London Review of a few weeks ago.

Since then we've been monitoring this brekkie blog carefully and it's very good indeed. In fact it could be said to be a little 'too good' as out breakfasting standards have now shot up to ludicrous levels and we often find ourselves hankering for a fried egg at the weirdest of times.

The team behind the site have a love of the fried 'full English' and they're not afraid to talk about it:

We love going out for breakfast. We love the hungry hours of anticipation before we decide on a venue. We love the splendid taste of expertly cooked, herb-filled sausages, the aromatic texture of crispy bacon, the burst of yellow yolk as a knife breaks the surface tension. We love piping hot beans, buttered toast and squidgy grilled tomatoes. We love to wash it all down with a reassuring cup of tea as - deliriously hungover - we babble about the dodgy antics of the night before.

But constant disappointemts at the capital's cafes ("Cafe Euro Med in Kentish Town, the Bishop in East Dulwich and Mac Bar in Camden, to name but a few recent crying failures,") have forced them to start documenting their AM dining experiences in order to sort the wheat from the chaff.

Recent reviews include the Egg Works with Sausage on Sesame with Ketchup from Bagel Factory ("an insult to the entire concept of a bagel"); the Rossi restaurant in Spitalfieds ("more Kleiber’s realisation of Beethoven's 5th than Gates’s version of Unchained Melody") ; and a couple of offerings at Heathrow airport ("I waited for its arrival with the café latte of death.").

Please keep up the good work London Review Of Breakfasts, and while we're at it may we recommend Carluccio's (very very good coffee) and John's Sandwich Bar on Mortimer St (bacon butties their speciality).

Elsewhere: Russel Davies' excellent eggbaconchipsandbeans (now with accompanying book) and of course Classic Cafes.

Last Updated 07 December 2005