Gwyneth: She Loves Us, She Loves Us Not

By Jo Last edited 157 months ago
Gwyneth: She Loves Us, She Loves Us Not

Oh please. We're having trouble keeping up with Gwyneth Paltrow's opinions on London. First, we're "dirty" with bad customer service (i.e. if you go to the loo in a London shop, you are expected to wipe your own arse. Oh, the humanity!); then she denied it; now she is once again proclaiming her love for the Big Smoke and denying ("that's such bullshit") she ever slagged it off. Once more we refer our readers to the fact that Gwynnie had a go at us in print, thus to deny she said what she said is, ah, a tad brazen of her.

Our advice to the miso-faced actress? Just don't say anything at all, wait for the fuss to die down, go to your beloved Locanda Locatelli and get ripped off, and you never know, one day all may be forgotten. Is it really that hard?

Last Updated 05 December 2005