Goodbye Brian Paddick

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Goodbye Brian Paddick

There were a few reports in the papers recently saying that Brian Paddick, the deputy assistant commissioner of the Met and officially "the UK's most senior gay police officer" is about to retire.

The story is that Padick will leave the force late next year and maybe make a move into politics:

The deputy assistant commissioner, who once admitted he found the idea of anarchism attractive, is keen to pursue a new career in politics, TV or working with a non-governmental body such as the new Commission for Equality and Human Rights.

Paddick has some 'informal links' with both the Lib Dems and the Tories, but the question is, would a progressive, outspoken and sometimes controversial bloke like Paddick be an asset or a hindrance to someone like David Cameron?

Here's a few Paddick press mentions from the past to help you decide as well as to remind us all what a rough time Paddick had at the hands of the tabloids and the stoic and remarkable way he dealt with the crap that was flung at him:

Anarchism 'appeals' to police chief (BBC, Feb 2002).

Paddick 'victim of anti-gay press' (BBC, Mar 2002).

Brian Paddick - The Real Cop, The Real Me (Mirror, Mar 2002).

Police Chief Scorns Critics (Guardian, Jul 2002).

Demand for police chief's return (BBC, Oct 2002).

Paddick angry after Met inquiry clears him of drug taking (Guardian, Nov 2002).

Last Updated 13 December 2005