Amato Saltone

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Amato Saltone

Shunt has been a Londonist favourite for a while now, ever since they put girls in feathers and made them dance on trapezes above a hearse in a vault under London Bridge station and then put everyone to sleep with anaesthetics

They're back with a new show and once again make the most of their dark and eerie vaults in SE1. Amato Saltone promises audiences an eccentric view of the city, with games of suspense and cases of mistaken identity. This is Shunt, one of the many excellent experimental theatre companies that London is home to , so please don't assume you're in for an evening of Ealing Comedy-style lighthearted entertainment. It's more likely to be the David Cronenberg version of Carry on Wifeswapping In Your Emotionally Corrupt Urban Wasteland . What should you expect?

You will be given a key - but it is not the sort of key that opens up hidden gardens of knowledge and enlightenment - it is the kind of key that is tossed nervously into a bowl with other keys - at a private party, in a penthouse overlooking the city.

Booking is now open for Amato Saltone at the Shunt Vaults, entrance via London Bridge station. Tickets are £20.00, £15.00 concessions; for more information and to book, please go here.

Last Updated 13 December 2005