Aggressive Karaoke Killer Pleads Guilty

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Aggressive Karaoke Killer Pleads Guilty

This story was bad and also noteworthy because the murderer was such a tool, but this story is just grim beyond belief:

A fan of US rapper Eminem has admitted murdering the woman who idolised him and stuffing her in a suitcase. Christopher Duncan, 21, had the same tattoos as the rap star and had been performing his songs at a karaoke bar in London on the night of 13 May 2004. Law student Jagdip Najran, 26, who had met him only two weeks before, left the bar with him, only to be battered over the head with an iron bat at his flat.

If possible it gets worse:

at some stage he battered her over the head with an iron baseball bat and stuffed her in a suitcase, where she remained alive for another hour

There's a million and one horrible ways to go, but slowly dying while trapped in a suitcase belonging to human slime like this while 'My Name Is' plays in the background... not good.

"There is no sensible explanation for what he did." We suspect this applies not only to the murder but pretty much everything he did from the moment he began to crawl.

It's no surprise that he ran for Blackpool... that place should have a giant glowing eye resembling a fiery vagina atop its tower.

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