Zarjaz! 2000AD, But Not As We Know It

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Zarjaz! 2000AD, But Not As We Know It

There comes a point in every child's life when they look upon the toys they once cherished and decide that they've outgrown them. We've all done it: Star Wars figures given away to ungrateful siblings; Action Men forced to retire and return to civilian life; comics left uncerimoniously at the local dump (this is before the days of enforced recycling you understand).

We still remember the day that we condemned a huge archive of pristine 2000 ADs, dating back a good three or four years, to a bonfire in the back yard. In the foolishness of youth we thought we'd have no use for them, but now we'd give anything to flick through those dusty pages and relive our childhood adventures alongside Dredd, Slaine and Strontium Dog...

..all of which is an overly-nostalgic way of letting you know that next month, Londonist favourites Playlounge will be presenting an exhibition of original artwork by contemporary artists and designers celebrating the characters of 2000 AD.

The exhibition, titled Zarjaz!, will feature works by forty big names including James Jarvis, Will Sweeney and Pete Fowler who have all been asked to "create their own interpretations of 2000 AD characters."

The exhibition has been put together in partnership with Puma so as well as the paintings there'll also be the added bonus of five limited edition T-shirts designed by some of the artists available to buy at the exhibition.

Zarjaz! opens at 11 Shorts Gardens in Seven Dials, WC2 on 10 December 2005 through to the 10 January 2006. Entry is free.

Last Updated 08 November 2005