Would You Like To Rant For Us?

By Londonist Last edited 160 months ago
Would You Like To Rant For Us?

Over the next few weeks, as a little experiment, Londonist is going to start posting over the weekend.

It's not like we have a life outside this website or anything, so it seems a shame to waste two days out of every seven sitting around downloading US television and thinking up increasingly abusive nicknames for each other.

So in the coming weeks we'll be posting at a slightly reduced rate on Saturdays and Sundays, but to take a bit of the pressure of ourselves we'd also like to open the floor to our readers by inviting you to submit some 'opinion pieces'.

Our New York brethren have tried this out and it seems to work...although the Yanks never had any problems talking about themselves. However if there's one thing we're good at in the UK it's getting on our high horses, standing on our soapboxes, and (let's face it) having a good old moan.

So, whether it's the 'shoot to kill' policy, overcrowding on the Tube, Ken Livingstone, this website, telly programmes, your mum,...anything basically, and you can get down a few hundred words about it then we wan't you to send it to us.

You can email your opinions to londonist@gmail.com and we'll get back to you if we're going to post it up. We look forward to reading them!

Last Updated 16 November 2005