The Londonist Literary List

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The Londonist Literary List

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Hello? Publishing World? Did you go on a collective vacation this week? Did all of your printers go on strike at the same time? Did your own books put you all to sleep? Did television finally really spell the death of reading? Are you still hung over from the Londonist birthday party? And if none of these are true, then why is it that you haven't published any books this week? Don't you see what you've done? You've left Londonist readers no choice but to get out and do something.

What's that you say? The Londonist readers are Internet nerds and will probably read webpages, parked in front of their computer screens, even if they can't order any new releases off Amazon? And there's not a thing I can do about it?

But there's some really incredible live stuff going on this week in literary London! Surely it'll be enough to get the crowds out?

Ah, well, one can hope, can't she...

Events Around London (Just in Case...):

Tonight, Blackwell's sponsors an appearance by Neil Gaiman in honor of his new novel, Anansi Boys, which starts off with the protagonist's father dropping "dead at a karaoke bar." Logan Hall, Institute of Education. 20 Bedford Way. 7pm. £7/£5 concessions.

On Wednesday (the 9th), Tariq Ali stops by the London Review Bookshop to talk about all kinds of things, including writers' priorities, his novels, and Tony Blair. The London Review Bookshop's website seems to be down, so we suggest that you call if you'd like to reserve tickets - 020 7269 9030. 14 Bury Place. 7pm. £4.

Also on Wednesday, a number of writers, including Nigerian Nobel Prize winner Wole Soyinka, get together at the South Bank Centre to celebrate the legacy of Ken Saro-Wiwa, the writer and activist who was executed ten years ago by the Nigerian government. Purcell Room, South Bank Centre. 7:45pm. £8.50.

On Thursday (the 10th), author John Berendt (who wrote Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil) talks about his newest book, City of Fallen Angels at the Waterstone's Picadilly. 203-206 Picadilly. 7pm. £3.

Also on Thursday, Barry Miles stops by Foyle's to discuss the Beats and his new book about them, titled The Beat Collection. 113-119 Charing Cross Road. 6:30pm. £5 / £4 concessions.

Next Monday (the 14th), Umberto Eco (pictured) reads from his new illustrated novel (please tell me he is not morphing into a graphic novelist). Yes, it certainly does look like Waterstone's in Picadilly is the place to be for live literary stuff this week (although he is giving a talk at the Criterion Theatre first)...203-206 Picadilly. 7:15pm. £3.

(A Couple Of) New Releases:

Bleed Into Me (short stories), by Stephen Graham Jones

Farley Mount and Imber Forever, by Michel Russell

Other News:

All joking aside, this week we've got a Nobel Prize winner and Umberto Eco and Tariq Ali and Neil Gaiman. You can't stay in and read webpages all week. You just can't!

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