Stupidly Named Retirement Flats

By Rob Last edited 158 months ago
Stupidly Named Retirement Flats

Today's Guardian has a nice little story about a new block of retirement flats that have just been built in Croydon.

They're in Purley.

They're retirement flats.

Can you guess what they've called them?

Yes, Purley Gates.

"Elderly house hunters have so far refused to buy a single one of the 13 apartments," reports the Guardian, " having taken offence at the tactless name."

Have the elderly of Croydon no sense of humour? Mind you at £300,000 a pop that 's a pretty expensive joke.

There must be plenty of punnily-named residences around the capital. For example there's a block of flats near Londonist headquarters that's called Lockyer House...hi-larious.

Let's hear yours.

Last Updated 11 November 2005