Six Feet Blunder

By sizemore Last edited 160 months ago
Six Feet Blunder

Good grief.

The Duke of Edinburgh is to seal a time capsule filled with secret items at Greenwich's Royal Observatory.

Now we have to worry about him insulting future generations when they open the bloody thing to find exactly what he shoved in there. We reckon the contents of the capsule will be something like this:

A Polaroid showing the Duke making comedy gold 'slanty eyes' while visiting Hong Kong.

One of Harry's old Nazi uniforms.

A handwritten set of directions for Diana outlining the fastest route through Paris.

Some pre shot/strangled and plucked pheasants in case they're extinct in the future.

A confession proving that he was Belle de Jour.

A fiver with the words "I've tapped that" written in red biro under the Queen.

It'll be just around the celebrations for Londonist's 101st birthday party so we'll write a note to ourselves now as a reminder to see if our guesswork was up to scratch.

No one move the post-it note from the fridge until 2105, ok?

Last Updated 18 November 2005