Shoot to Kill Policy = YOUR Fault

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Shoot to Kill Policy = YOUR Fault

Sir Ian Blair really is a dick.

We'd hoped he'd simply be gone by now, but instead (as mentioned in the Extra below) he's calling for a debate on policing. That in itself isn't a bad thing as we are always up for a good debate (even a mass one) but the reasoning that Blair uses in the BBC story shows exactly how unconnected he is with us regular sorts.

the public needs to decide what kind of police it wants. Without such guidance, police are being left to develop policies such as shoot-to-kill in private, he warned.

Erm. The police adopted a shoot to kill policy in private because we left them alone? So does that mean if we don't go on record right now saying that it would be a bad idea for the police to adopt a 'The Crime is Life - The Sentence is Death' policy we could see Dark Judges on the streets by 2006? WTF? Ian - at your age we really shouldn't have to tell you not to put your hand in the fire... it's kind of the same with shooting us.

This could land them in political controversy, he told the Guardian.


In other news Ian is worried that his officers helmets could be mistaken for tits.

Sir Ian voiced "frustration" at the public "silence" on what it wanted the police to do.

We want you to drop the shoot to kill policy you fucking idiot.

the force was "restless for change" and he wanted to "get on with it", he said.

So you admit you have no idea where your police should be heading, but you're desperate to get there. Fantastic.

The first subject for debate should be how quickly we can take Ian's toys away from him and get someone else to take charge - maybe this time we can have someone with enough backbone to take responsibility for his own and his officers' mistakes instead of crying like a little bitch about how it's all OUR fault for not taking more of an interest in what he was doing in secret.

Last Updated 16 November 2005