Red Hair Link To Short Temper Proved!

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Red Hair Link To Short Temper Proved!

There's not really much to say about this one, apart from "What the fuck?"

According to various reports today the Sun editor Rebekah Wade spent last night in a police cell after being arrested at around 4 in the morning for an alleged assault on her 'hardman hubby' Ross Kemp.Wade (you can tell she's hard as nails, just look at that photo) was released around midday today and a police spokesman has said that no further action had been taken and Ms Wade had been released without charge.Kemp is said to have suffered a 'thick lip' (poor baby).Question now is, what were they fighting about? Has Kemp's return to 'Enders enraged Wade somehow? Is he having a torrid, on-set affair with Babs Windsor?Maybe Kemp invited Shane Richey round to dinner without checking with her first? That would drive anyone to violence.Or maybe he admitted that he thinks the Sun is a pile of unadulterated crap that's only good for papier mache or toilet paper.UPDATE: Our favourite rumour so far "apparently she was out on the piss with Blunkett and came home to find him [Kemp] in bed with a bloke."FURTHER UPDATE: Steve McFadden (Phil Mitchell) was also assaulted by a woman
today. Spooky.

Last Updated 03 November 2005