The Met Visit Erotica 2005

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The Met Visit Erotica 2005

There's a good little article in one of today's papers about a couple of members of the Metropolitan Police who took a trip to Olympia yesterday to view the striptease act which forms the centrepiece of the Erotica 2005 convention.

Of course Inspector Chris Bedwell and Sergeant Jez Hirst weren't their purely for entertainment value, they were there "to make sure it's a decent show and that the organisers obey by the terms of their licence." And it seems that trapeze artist Empress Stah (pictured) did her job very well.

"What we saw there was very tame," said Inspector Bedwell after watching Empress emerge from a large furry heart, take off her black trenchcoat and mask, and strip down to "a few red feathers and two red sparkling hearts."

Of course, later on and in front of the paying public Empress performed a "slightly raunchier" version of the act than the one the Met had witnessed.

Full marks though should go to Guardian writer Paul Lewis who hung around for over two hours to witness the more explict version of the performance. All in the name of journalism eh Paul?

Last Updated 18 November 2005