Oodles of Dennis Google Doodles

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Oodles of Dennis Google Doodles

The chap behind all those neat little Google logos is in town giving the Beeb the chance to remind us just how much work goes into something that most of us take for granted as we type "dictator for life" or whatever into the search engine.

Dennis Hwang works on the technical side of the Google empire, but also gets to throw art our way by designing all the neat little logos that reflect public holidays and such.

Hwang is in the spotlight after two Westminster Kingsway students took part in a competition to re-interpret the Google logo.

Rafael, from Hackney, east London, had run into some copyright problems with his first design - Homer Simpson hugging the "G" - so had opted for a dramatic fireworks piece. Christopher, from Folkestone, Kent, wanted to bring his favourite author, Roald Dahl, to the fore with his design, and is waiting for it to be signed by Google's doodler-in-chief Dennis Hwang.

Great stuff this. Brings out the inner nerd.

Hwang was asked by the Korea Herald which letters where his favorite targets for manipulation:

Understandably, the "O" and the "L" are the easiest to deal with. The "O" has become a Halloween pumpkin, a Nobel Prize medal, the Korean flag symbol and the planet earth. The "L" has been used as a flagpole, the Olympic flame cauldron or a snow ski. The first "G" is the most difficult to deal with, and I don't think the "E" has gotten much action because of its location.

We love this guy.

Last Updated 18 November 2005