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All Blacks coach Graham Henry, or 'Emperor Ming' as he was so memorably christened by Austin Healey, is playing mind games once again. Ming has accused the England rugby team of 'paranoia' after two camouflaged camermen had to be chased away from New Zealand's training session yesterday, which took place at Grasshoppers RFC.

Paranoia? "Hello, is that Mr Kettle? Yes, it's Mr Pot here....yes, yes, from No.7....yes that's right....oh, she's fine thanks...and how's your wife? Right....right. Well actually, there was something that I wanted to talk to you about, yes...something quite serious....yes...well...the point is......you're black".

We suspect that Graham is still a little testy after having to answer so many questions about why his players seem to get so much satisfaction from slamming their opponents head-first into the ground, or perhaps he's concerned that England might just be the first team this year since South Africa who can give his lot a game. Either way, his perma-scowl is starting to grate on our nerves right now and we're hoping that big Andy Sheridan can wipe it off completely this Saturday.

Elsewhere in the wired world of sports, solace at last for Australian residents of London as the Socceroos make it to a World Cup for the first time in 1974. Well done them. We've got a sneaking suspicion that they're going to be in England's group next year, which is great, because we'll beat them.

Last Updated 16 November 2005